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Swedish Massage

60 mins $ 89.00

Therapeutic Massage

60 min  $119.00

75 min  $139.00

90 min  $159.00

Swedish Massage -  This style of massage is a rather straightforward session using classic Swedish massage techniques aimed at relaxing the body.  Techniques such as kneading, stroking, friction, tapping, and vibration are used to relax the body.  Soothing, lubricating lotion is used to increase pleasure.  The massage therapist uses light to medium pressure, depending on the client’s preference, and the intent of the session is relaxation.  Your muscles will be rejuvenated, circulation improved, and tension eased. 

Therapeutic Massage -  Therapeutic massage sessions are different from a Swedish massage.  It  is a healing form of touch therapy where the body is massaged, on a deeper level, paying attention to areas of pain and tightness and knotted muscle tissue.  The therapist will take the time to improve or restore muscle function.  A first time client will  complete a very thorough intake form detailing current and past health concerns. This type of session retains a large element of relaxation, however, advanced techniques are used to relieve pain and to address chronic health issues.  Our therapeutic massage employs a combination of advanced massage techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point, Myofascial release, trigger point and sport massage. 

We can help you with: Mygraine Headaches,  Repetitive stress syndrome, Sciatica, Carpal tunnel (Arms & Hands), Fibromyalgia, Back Problems, Neck & Shoulder Problems, Rotator Cuff Issues, Leg & Knee Problems, Feet, Tennis & Golf Elbow and Sports Injuries.
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